High Content Imaging and Plate Reader Survey

The Bioimaging facility will be holding on-site demos for high content imaging systems in June and July, i.e. to replace the aging ImageXpress Micro. One of the systems we will demo also has plate reading options. In order to gauge experimental needs and interest in participating in the demos, we are asking researchers to please fill out our short survey by Monday, May 16th. Thank you!


Research Core Facilities Newsletter

We are proud to present the first Research Core Facilities newsletter! The RCF newsletter is a way to keep you informed about important updates from each of our core labs, with topics ranging from equipment updates, safety training, core clinics, and general reminders.

Please enjoy and stay tuned for another edition coming August 2022!

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Need to centrifuge your samples at high speed?

All new users will need to complete the new online training module found here, and contact core specialist Colleen Ding to recieve hands-on training. A PIN will then be provided to obtain access to the ultra/high speed centrifuge. 

Ultracentrifuge Training Module     

Please label all compressed gas tanks in LKSKI receiving area

A section of the loading dock/receiving area of the LKSKI is devoted to storing the compressed gases that many groups use in their work. An audit of the area was undertaken recently that highlighted a large number of stored tanks that have been stored, unused, for long periods of time. We are asking all group's to: 

  1. Clearly label all cylinders with the group’s name

  2. Only store the minimum amount that you require for your work

  3. If the cylinder is not used and is not going to be used in the near future, please arrange for the company that rented you the cylinder to collect it


Moving forward, there will be monthly checks on the storage area and any cylinder found without a label identifying the group will be returned to the supplier.


Change in Chemical Waste Disposal Guidelines

We have updated our chemical waste disposal guidelines. To view the updated document, please click here. Hazardous waste stickers are available in Room  545. Please remember to stick them on the waste bottle as soon as you start collecting the waste. If you have any questions/concerns, please email the Biosafety Officer, Neha Chauhan at Neha.Chauhan@unityhealth.to


Security Enhancements

We are excited to announce that, based on your feedback, we have made some security enhancements to the Research Facility Business Management System (RFBMS). 

These new changes will make your experience with us easier, faster and more secure!

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Honey, I shrunk the lab: Technology for making small devices has a big impact for St. Michael’s and Ryerson researchers

In medical imaging research, bubbles that are too small to be seen by the naked eye can help scientists see things they’ve never seen before – and St. Michael’s  Hospital now has the tools on-site to create, control and validate them through research. 

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Security Reminder

Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with what you can do to play your part.

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