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Composting Paper Towels in LKSKI Bathrooms

We are happy to announce that the LKSKI bathrooms now have a separate container for composting paper towels. Please ensure that only paper towels are put into this container to avoid contamination. 

For any feedback or concerns, please contact


Recycling Lab Waste Update

To make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, RCF conducted an experimental study on the 4th floor of LKSKI to incorporate recycling into the lab spaces. However, we found that recycling bins were contaminated 95% of the time with non-recyclable items (most frequently with paper towels, gloves, soft plastic packaging, and aluminum foil).

Given these disappointing results, we’ve re-evaluated our plan and decided to take a more targeted approach. Instead of asking everyone to separate their waste (with varying degrees of success that could, in the end, render the effort useless), we would like to focus our efforts on people who are motivated to recycle. We have set up a large recycling bin in the north hallway, to specifically target the recycling of paper, cardboard and packing boxes as well as a large landfill container for packaging material such as bubble wrap, styrofoam and ice packs. 

Please note that this trial program is only for the 4th floor at the moment. 


Research Core Facilities Newsletter 

We are proud to present the December edition of the Research Core Facilities newsletter! The RCF newsletter is a way to keep you informed about important updates from each of our core labs, with topics ranging from equipment updates, safety training, core clinics, and general reminders.

Please enjoy and stay tuned for another edition coming March 2023!

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Gene Expression Profiling Part 4 - qPCR set-up and run

Hands-on introduction to qPCR assay design, plate set-up and (machine) run

  • On February 06, 2023 from 2:00PM to 5:00PM
  • Start in Rm 607

Gene Expression Profiling Part 5 - qPCR analysis

Hands on data analysis for comparative quantitation of gene expression changes

  • On February 13, 2023 from 2:00PM to 3:30PM
  • Rm 607

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