Kill the Lights, Save the Birds!

It’s estimated that as many as 1 billion migrating birds die each year across North America due to collisions with buildings.  In an effort to do our part to decrease these numbers, we’d like everyone to start making more of a conscious effort to turn off the lights at the end of each day. A public campaign – Kill the Lights, Save the Birds - has recently begun and will not only save the birds, but conserve energy as well. In fact, if we could get people to turn off the lights in Li Ka Shing every day, we would save an estimated $30,000 a year on electricity.

The challenge is that in an open concept environment like the Li Ka Shing, it’s tough to take responsibility to turn off the lights. The floors are large and it’s hard for people to know if they’re the last ones off the floor. However, it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part. So please, kill the lights and help save the birds!

The annual bird display at the Royal Ontario Museum of all the dead birds found in the city

Did You Know:

Saving $30,000 by turning off the lights is equivalent to:

  • Over 1500 research seminar pizzas
  • Over 1400 bags of pipette tips
  • 100 mini prep kits
  • Over 6000 tube of antibody stain
  • Over 19,000 cups of coffee 

For more information on this campaign, please visit

This bird was found on the sidewalk right outside Li Ka Shing.