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New Equipment in the Microfabrication Core

We are pleased to announce that the Direct Write "Maskless" Lithography system MicroWriter ML®3 has been added to the Microfabrication Core. The MicroWriter has been successfully installed in the 7th floor cleanroom and is ready for users. The instrument was funded by Dr. Scott Tsai's CFI IF grant.

This system will allow users to make a photolithography mask for their projects or use it as a stand-alone "maskless" instrument for direct writing onto the photoresist substrates. It will be helpful for researchers making microfluidics devices, microarrays,  microlenses, microelectronics, and patterning photosensitive biomaterials for scaffolds used in tissue engineering and cell studies. With this instrument, the entire process flow can be completed in our cleanroom with significantly reduced manufacturing lead times.

For additional information about the instrument, training and use, please contact Microfabrication Core Specialist, Dario Bogojevic at


Research Facilities Email Changes

We have switched over the following emails ending in to end in is now is now is now

Emails sent to the email addresses will be redirected to the new email addresses.


Research Core Facilities Newsletter

We are proud to present the first Research Core Facilities newsletter! The RCF newsletter is a way to keep you informed about important updates from each of our core labs, with topics ranging from equipment updates, safety training, core clinics, and general reminders.

Please enjoy and stay tuned for another edition coming September 2022!

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Mouse Handling Course

Pre-requisite: facility orientation and tour

  • On August 16, 2022 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM
  • Provided in confirmation email

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